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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

Links Look Back: May 2014 VIDEOS

Links look back on 40 years of a rich history.

Links @ 40 Slideshow

March 2014

Video Highlights from our Bergen County, NJ Chapter of the Links, Incorporated Annual Mother's Day Awards Luncheon on May 10, 2014.

Lacey's Styles


As I look to the past

you were there;

In the beginning recognizing what needed to be done;

Formulating this chapter, with me in mind;

Someone who’s benefited from the friendship in my darkest hour ......


As I look in the present

Here you are;

Holding the lighted candle representing

the true spirit of friendship.

Your pleasant ways;

Your lady-like glides across the floor;

Your gentle ways of speaking;

Your cultured methods of handling situations;

Your respect and love for your friends.


And as I imagine our future

you will be there holding the candle –

The Candle that represents Friendship, Service, Commitment, and Dedication

So, I thank you, Link Theodora & Link Jackie for your help to continue this journey and strengthen the links that unite us;

Giving us the desire and ability to be

the best Lady Links we can be.



...excerpt from "Lacey's Styles" by Link Ina Samuels-Martinez

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